Improving conditions.

I have been sharing snowmobile clubs posts on facebook from clubs around the Western UP. I know a lot of people do not use facebook and I would not either if I could have avoided it. But it is a easy way to post pictures and information.

For those of you that do not use facebook in general what other clubs around the UP are saying is conditions are getting better fast but there are still problem areas out there. Water, rocks and lack of snow in places but good riding can be found in a lot of areas. The key is to use caution during early season riding (all the time for that matter). Trail conditions change and early season they change even faster. Running water can cause havoc out there.

But with that said forecast for the next 10 days still has high temps below freezing but not the sub zero over night temps we like to see. Not a lot of snow in the forecasts but right now that is a good thing because we want the wet ares and the Lake to continue to freeze.

People are starting to ride on Lake Gogebic but I would use extreme caution before venturing out there. Talk to people at local business and ask about ice conditions on the water. We all want you to have fun and be safe, and return to our area year after year.

I’m working at Dutches in Marenisco tonight and at Gogebic Lodge tomorrow, so if you are out and about stop in and see me. It’s been a long off season and I miss my Snowmobile Friends.