Snowy Sunday.

Yep 3-5 coming down as I write. Great time to have a screwed up plow truck. I’m working at Gogebic Lodge today so come by and watch the snow fall on Lake Gogebic with me.

Q: Why are polaris snowmobiles and babies alike.
A: They both love rattles.

Q: How do you get a polaris rider exited.
A: Tell them their sled is ready for pickup at the repair shop.

Q: Why did the ski doo burn its belt up.
A: From towing 7 polaris sleds at one time.

Q: How do you make a polaris go fast.
A: Tow it behind a ski doo.

Q. How Do You Make a Polaris rider happy?
A. slip an arctic cat or ski doo engine under his hood, and switch suspension from bogie wheels to some suspension that real men use!

Q:What do you call a polaris on a lake?
A: A summer submarine

Q: What do you call a polaris that runs.
A: A miracle

Q: Why do people buy polaris snowmobiles.
A: It gives them an excuse to stay in the house.

Q: What do you call a Polaris on the trail
A: An obstacle

Q:what do you call 100 polaris snowmobiles and owners stranded on the ice in march?
A: A reproduction of the titanic

Q:What is a polaris snowmobile owners favorite season?
A: Summer then they dont have to work on the sled