Back from the Dead

Well I am back I guess, the broken foot had me out of commission mentally more than physically I think. You would think being off line for 3 & 1/2 months I would be full of bullshit and things to say. But it is just the opposite, I don’t see anyone so I have nothing to talk about. Unless………..

Actually Becker and I went for our first Side by Side ride in about 3 years. We took off from Merriweather at 11 am, first stop was Dutches in Marenisco. After a few cold sodas we hit Rodger’s Bar and then down to Cisco Lake Resort for lunch, or was it dinner?  I’m not sure after too many of those cold sodas everything kind of runs together, if you know what I mean? After dinner or lunch it was off to Watersmeet and some gambling and yes you guessed it, a few more cold sodas. All was fine until my Can Am was steering funny around Paulding and bigger than shit I had a flat tire. We aired it up and I made it another 1/2 mile before it was flat again. So considering everyone was full of cold soda which made it hard to bend over and see it was a plug-able fix, we opted to leave my Can Am on the side of the road and Becker and I road in the Fisher’s 4-seater back to, you guessed it, South Branch for another cold soda because all the dust on the trails really made everyone dry. To make a long story short (haha) we got back with the trailer around midnight. Fun had by all.

I am working at Timberline today and tomorrow and Dutches tonight, stop by and see me, I’ve missed all of you.