Trail Conditions: Still Need cold and snow. But very Rideable.

Weather: Probably an inch or so..

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I know everyone wants to know how much snow we got. I can’t tell, I’d say an inch or so, it is hard to tell because it is drifted in places, bare in others. My truck in the driveway had no snow on top of it and an inch on the west side of it.

Riders I have been talking to for the most part say trail conditions are not too bad, there are thin areas but for the most part trails are holding their own. If Mother Nature would get her shit together and send us the colder temps and snow that is normal for this time of year we would be golden. John Dee is calling for snow all week so we could go from OK to excellent in a day.

New from Dearborn, Michigan 


The latest toy has hit the shops… a talking Muslim doll. 

 Nobody knows what the heck it says, because no one has the balls to pull the cord.