MLK weekend is over, unbelievable we have this little snow.  One local told me in his 71 years he has never experienced a Christmas without snow. I  guess we better start listening to John Kerry and quit eating beef so those  farting cows will stop global warming.

On the other hand it is a crying shame the lack of snow and cold we have had so far this year.  This devastates our community as businesses rely on the boost the winter months give  them.  When I had the bar I always said the winter paid my taxes, insurances,  permits and licenses for the year. The rest of the year you just try to keep the lights on.  This year will probably hurt a lot more than Covid did. I’m not in the bars anymore, so as far as giving you good trail reports I am at a loss. I did not intend to keep the website going. I had a few people interested in taking it over but nothing materialized.  I’ll do my best this year as it looks like every good week or weekend you’ll want info on.

I would also like to thank John Dee and his family to devoting so much of his time to the snowmobile community.  I met up with John a couple of times over the years.  I don’t think I have met a more humble person.  Hopefully heaven has a North Pole so you can snowmobile 12 months a year.



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