It looked like a busy weekend out there in front of Mom’s house.


A woman came home late one evening to find her husband in bed with a beautiful young woman. 

She was furious but was calmed when her husband started explaining how this came about. 

As I was driving home, I spotted this young lady so sad and forlorn, so I offered her a ride. 

She was hungry so I brought her here and fed her some of the roast you shoved in the fridge and forgot. 

Her shoes were frayed and worn so I gave her a pair of yours that you quit wearing because they were out of style. 

She was cold so I gave her that birthday sweater that you never wore because you didn’t like the color. 

Her slacks were so worn out that I gave her a pair that you were unable to wear because you had gained weight. 


Well, as she was starting to leave the house, she asked me if there was anything else that your wife never uses anymore, so, here we are.