What happened to us?

9/11 did not even dawn on me yesterday morning as I hurried to write something before starting my day. I did not forget, just didn’t realize the significance of the date. When I did realize it was 9/11, I remembered the sinking feeling in my stomach as I watched live video at work on my computer with coworkers behind my desk.¬† The way America came together after that tragedy was overwhelming. What a great Country we once had. What the hell has happened to us?
The people in Washington are not going to wake up and work together to better our country, only we as voters can change what is going on. We need to quit with this left and right bullshit and do what is best for our country. We did not hear about Democrats and Republicans in the aftermath. All we hear about was the heroism¬† of people helping people. We did do what was right after 9/11, why can’t we do it now?
I had a joke for today but when I proof read my post I did not fell in a joking mood.