Time to fly the friendly skies.

Up, Up and away, Mom, Becker, Me and about 30 others from the Hoop N Hollar are heading to Wendover Nv. in the morning to do some gambling for 4 days. A little pre-season fun before all of you get up here. Anyone wanting me to place a bet for them just forward your Credit Card info to me and I’ll be more than happy to run up your balance for you. LOL.

So this will be my last post for a while, we will be back in town late on Tuesday. Riding this weekend will not be too good, the Groomers have been out packing down trails trying to get the wet areas to freeze up. So far the deeper snows have held off so hopefully we will be freezing up the trails and then hoping for some significant snows. Hand tight for another week and I’ll post next Wednesday the 5th and let you know what it looks like for the following weekend.

I’ve been getting reservations so check out my Calendars and email me your vacation plans, I will take the emails in the order you sent them on Wednesday.

See ya soon, Tom and Becker