The warm before the storm?

Trail Conditions: Good to OK.

Weather: 30’s the next few days.

I have a lot of openings, check out my rental page.

30’s the next 3 days, how much it will take a toll on the trails probably depends on traffic and that damn sun. And the good news is snow possible Sunday-Monday on the back end of the warm up. With a hard base I think the trails will hold up now Mother Nature Needs to do her job and turn on the snow machine.

Camera is uploading pics from The Little house looking at the Bergland access trail. I’m still have trouble with the Live feed.

I just won 1.2 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz from Publishers Clearing House, when the guy on the phone asked me how that made me fell I asked him why he was calling from Jamaica, he hung up before I found out what I had to do to collect. Damn I was that close to finical freedom.