The Fat Lady is Singing.

Trail Conditions: Going down Hill quick

Weather: Warming up.

We have been done grooming around the Lake Gogebic Area since the weekend I think. Too bad because we had some cold nights. We had a good season and I’m sure the area businesses want to thank each and everyone of you that visited our area.

I’ll try to update the website as often as I can send me a good joke if you get one.

A Story With A Moral!

Every year, Simon entered the state lottery hoping to win. He never did. Finally, he prayed vigorously, and hoping for God’s message, he walked around the fair.

A flash of lightning struck as he was passing by Suzie’s stall. She was bending over and he saw she was not wearing panties. He could see a 7 written on both her buns.

He bet on 77 as he thought God had given him a clue. He lost again…Sad!

The winning number was 707.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate the importance of assholes in your life.