Sunshine today.

The sun is out, first time in a while. Hopefully it will melt some of the snow down so the cold weather can get to the ground. The snow is great and I know all the snowmobilers love to see it, but we need cold to freeze in the trails. We are below freezing for highs most of the time so it looks like a good start. Just hold off a bit on more snow for a while Mother Nature. (at least till my plow truck is out of the shop)

After a recent football game, the team went into the locker room to get out of their uniforms and to shower. In the showers, Bubba noticed that Duke has a cork shoved up his butt-hole. So, Bubba asked, “Duke, why in the world do you have a cork up your butt?” Duke answered, “Last night when I was cleaning my antique brass lamps, a genie came out of one of them. The genie said that I had one wish. I was really startled and I replied, “No shit!”