Snow is on the way.

November 8th and here it comes.  6-8 or 8-10 inches tomorrow. How sure am I we are going to get it? 110%. My plow truck is in the shop so we are going to get it for sure. Better start reserving your days for the coming season soon.

Winters are fierce in Minnesota where he lives, so the owner of a construction project felt he was doing a good deed when he bought earmuffs for his foreman. Noticing, however, that the foreman wasn’t wearing the earmuffs even on the coldest snowy day, the project manager asked, “Didn’t you like the muffs?” The Foreman said, “They’re a thing of beauty.” “Why don’t you wear them?” The Project Manager said. The Foreman explained, “I was wearing them the first day, and somebody offered to buy me lunch, but I didn’t hear him! Never again, never again!”