Merry Christmas Eve Morning

Trail Conditions: Looking up.

Weather: 20 degrees  and the forecast is lovely.

I am not sure if everyone has been good little girls and boys, went to church, sold your souls or what but the forecast just blew up compared to what we have been getting. Snow looks to be starting Wednesday and continuing into Friday. I think it may be time to say “Get Your Asses up here”.

Hats off to the grooming clubs around the area, from what I have heard from riders conditions are not bad out there and good trails are being found. Now add the forecasted amount of snow this week to it and Snowmobile Season has Begun.

We got an inch or two the last few days, I’m not even going to jinx it by saying what we are supposed to get, look for yourselves.

Sorry, no Joke today, I am dead ass serious.

So Spend Christmas with your Family and then get your asses up here and spend some time with you friends.

Merry Christmas From Tom and Becker, Gogebic Lodge and Dutches Old Bar in Marenisco.