In Memory of Jill.

Trail Conditions: OK too Good.

Weather: Not sure how much more snow yesterday, probably 3+..

When I arrived at Gogebic Lodge for work yesterday morning I was met at the door by Dave and he asked me if I heard about Jill. My heart sank as I asked him if was their group that had the casualty. I know a lot of people by face or by what they drink and don’t remember their names. When I read the article I didn’t put 2 and 2 together and associate Nebraska and Dave.

Wednesday Doug, Jill, Dave and Dave’s guest arrived at the Lodge, I shook the guys hands and gave the women a hug and we said how happy we were to see each other. I’ve probably known them going on 10 years. Not 48hours later I find out it was Jill who had the accident on Lake Gogebic early Thursday morning.

The reason I am writing this is to remind everyone bad shit can and does happen out there. Slow down, and watch the drinks when you have to drive. We are not (most of us anyway) a bunch of douche bags up here that just want your money. We get to know our customers and a lot of you become extensions of our families.

Thoughts, Prayers and whatever I can do to help Doug. A part of us that knew Jill left this week also. Please call if you need anything at all.

Talk to sledders yesterday and a huge improvement over before the fist snow hit. Still bare spots and problem areas like 8 a few miles west of the Hoop. But then with the 3 or more inches yesterday the thin areas should be getting better. More snow possible Sunday through Tuesday, conditions should continue to improve.

Be safe out there, Please.