Elections are over.

I think something is wrong with my phone. It quit ringing, no political calls at all this morning. Snowing this morning, and more snow in the forecast the rest of the week. Temps are also going to stay below freezing so the snow will be here for a while.

Michigan passed the legalization of recreational marijuana law. Now they have to go to work and figure what to do to regulate it because it is still against federal law. Maybe they will legalize it in Washington so all the politicians can get a buzz and then sit down calmly and start working on things together. We can only hope I guess.

Ole and Sven were drinking buddies who worked as aircraft mechanics in Minneapolis and one day the airport was fogged in and they were stuck in the hangar with nothing to do.
Ole said, “I vish ve had somethin ta drink!”
Sven says, “Me too. Y’know, I hear ya can drink dat jet fuel and get a buzz. Ya vanna try it?”
So they pour themselves a couple of glasses of high octane hooch and got completely smashed.
Next morning Ole woke up and is surprised at how good he feels. In fact he feels GREAT! NO hangover! NO bad side effects. Nothing!
The phone rang. It was Sven who asks “How iss you feelin dis mornin?”
Ole says, “I feel great. How bout you?”
Sven says, “I feel great, too. Ya don’t have no hangover?”
Ole says, “No dat jet fuel iss great stuff — no hangover, nothin. Ve oughta do dis more often.”
Sven agreed.”Yeah, vell, but dere’s yust vun ting.”
Ole asked, “Vat’s dat?”
Sven questioned, “Haff you farted yet?”
Ole stopped to think. “No ”
“Vell, DON’T, ’cause I’m in Iowa.”