Trail Conditions: Good to very good.

Weather: SO much for the break in snow, looks like more is coming.

Riders reported Lake Gogebic area trail as very good, rough up north of Greenland and a bad hole 25 miles west of Watersmeet (2 miles west of Marenisco). From their Facebook post it looks like they have warning markers out there. Lake Gogebic is rough with all the snow and wind we have had, it looks like by the speed of some of the sleds that some areas have flattened back out.

The DNR are out, I seen them unloading sleds by Gogebic Lodge last night, and by the Hoop Saturday. You need to STOP at the Stop Signs, don’t go blowing through them and then come in complaining the DNR is hassling you. If you give them a reason to pull you over they will. For those of you with the loud pipes, they are waiting to bust your ass, we are losing trails because of the noise, and people going off trail where they should not be.

All in all conditions are the best they have been in years.

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