Trail Conditions: Good and Very Good.

Weather: Staying cold and more snow may be on the way.

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Good morning from the cold and snowy UP. You ready? I think we finally are. It is great to have Mother Nature cooperating again with us. I didn’t work yesterday so I didn’t talk to any riders but I am putting my faith in our grooming clubs thinking right now they are doing all they can. I stopped at the Mobil yesterday and over heard a couple of snowmobilers bitch about a trail being bad and saying how it should be good because they come up here to sped their money so it should have been groomed ect……………Those that know me know I report honestly and don’t sugar coat reports. Sometimes shit happens and a whole lot of work is done by volunteers. I’m sorry they found a bad trail but we do have breakdowns and we just came out of a heavy snow. The groomers had a lot of miles to get in shape. So if that is sugar coating or making excuses so be it. I was thinking about getting into the conversation but figured it would be a waste of time and only piss me off.

Come on up we got it going on.