Trail Conditions: Should have improved 150%

Weather: 3+ of wet Heavy Snow and single temps at night.

The big snows have missed us but that may not be all bad. What fell was heavy and wet and now temps have dropped drastically. That will make for a good base. Snow is in the forecast for the next week or so. We should be go to go for the next few weeks.

I appolagize for the “Get Your Asses up here” comment a few days ago, we thought we were going to get a major dumping on and it dwindled down to 5 or so inches total. But Huge snowfalls mean huge moguls also. A few inches a day is our best bet.

The Hoop’s web Cam is back online, bigger and better. Right now you can view it from or

I heard trail 13 north of trail 2 is all tore up from Loggers. The northern ends of trail 1 and trail 13 are still cut off due to logging.