Sunday Funday.

I didn’t make it into Dutches last night, I’ve had a pain in my back for a few weeks now. Guess it is chiropractor time. Hoping I can make it through the night at the Lodge.

My Rezimay
Deer Sur,
I waunt to apply for the secritary job I seen in the   
Paper. I can type real kwik wit one finggar and do 
Sum Acounting 2.
I think I am good on the fone and I am a pepole   
Person.   Pepole really seam to respond goodly to me.
I’m lookin for a jobb as a secritary but it Kant be 2   
My spelling is not 2 good but find that I awfin get a   
Job Bcuz of my persinalety..
My salerery is open so we can discus wat you want   
To pay me and wat you think that I am wurth, I can start imeditely.
Thank you in advanse 4 yore Anser.
Hopifuly I M Yore best aplicant so phar.
Peggy May McBiggins
PS : I half includeded a pickture of me B low.
Dear Peggy May:   
Start on Monday, we have spell check.
Harvey Weinstein