I’m back, finally everyone is probably saying. I’m going to do the report and keep hosting the cameras for area businesses one more year.  I will try to give you the best info I can but I am going to be limited this year because I am not working anywhere.  My back acted up in February and I’m not right yet. Some may argue I have never been right. I’ll check in at the hoop and try to relay info I get from riders. We had a pretty good start to winter, well kind of anyway. Lots more snow so far compared to the last three years. We haven’t had very cold temps yet to freeze up everything. Hopefully that changes next week. I heard the ice was 5″ on the main lake and 7″ in the bay. There has been people riding the Lake but you wouldn’t catch my fat ass out there yet. My guess is that it is typical early season riding out there. Everyone I talked to said it was worth the trip.