Just found out yesterday that Gogebic Area Grooming is having some problems with groomers. The machines not the drivers. The last I heard was they needed a hose for one and were able to find one in the country that they had overnighted.  Parts shortage I guess “Let’s go Brandon”. A loaner was shipped to them but had some issues, but the company is sending a tech out to fix it. To the best of my knowledge we should have 2 groomers back running for the weekend. The MLK holiday is going to draw a lot of traffic to our area, my advice is ride early, party later. Our club takes grooming very seriously and I’m sure they will be doing everything they can. I heard North Country Snowmobile Club out of White Pine is even helping out. Thanks Mikey.

A Couple Go on Their Honeymoon

A man and his new bride check into a resort lodge in Alaska. The resort manager/park ranger checks them in, tells them to let him know if they need anything, and wishes they congratulations and a happy stay.

The first night, while the park ranger is making his rounds, he sees the husband sitting out on the ice on a lake ice fishing. He approaches the man and asks him politely, “it’s none of my business, but why aren’t you in the cabin with your new bride… you know, consummating the bond of marriage?”

The husband replies, “Well, to tell you the truth she has gonorrhea.” The park ranger says oh, and is a little embarrassed so he speeds off on his snowmobile.

The next night, sure enough, the husband is out on the ice and the park ranger approaches him again. “You know I’ve been thinking… and you *are* married now… have you considered the ol’ *back door*? The husband replied, “Actually, she’s got diarrhea, too.” “Oh replied the ranger, and he sped off again.”

The third night, the ranger comes up to the man who he’s sure to find on the ice with a final idea. “Listen I know about the gonorrhea, and the diarrhea, but have you at least considered oral!? “The man replied, “well, she’s got pyorrhea too.” The, ranger replied, outraged, “What the fuck did you marry this girl for?” The husband replied,

“Well, she’s got worms, and I love to fish!”