OK I haven’t posted since April 6th. Well there has not been a lot going on up here and everything in the news is not worth repeating. So what the hell can I write about? Oh…..I have an idea, Juneteenth. Yea lets talk about Juneteenth, when I first heard our “great” president was making it a national holiday all I could think of is what a great way to further racism in our country. Then I heard a black lady talking on tv saying what a great holiday this is because blacks and whites alike can celebrate the end of slavery. I got to thinking, maybe she is right and maybe we should be teaching and celebrating how the end of slavery¬† came to be. I think it had something to do with some white people who thought it was wrong. In fact I think there was a war where many for and against slavery died. Why do we only hear the bad about slavery and not the part about all the white people that fought to right a wrong belief in our country. I say let’s celebrate Juneteenth and how it came about. If I end up in Facebook jail, please bring me cigarettes.