We received some much needed snow overnight. According to Dr. Phil 3.6″ fell in Bergland. Becker went out to my truck this morning and told me we had 8″ on the ground. Don’t be mad at her though, I been lying to her about what 8″ is for 15 years.

The Hoop was pretty busy yesterday, seen lots of familiar faces.  Thank you for being understanding about what our restrictions are at the moment.

Riders I talked to said trails were thin in a lot of places but also reported some were in good condition, the overnight snow should help out some. There is not much snow in the forecast for the next week or so but if you are familiar with the UP we all know that can change at any moment, we can only hope. Temps are mild for the next week so that will help with our indoor restrictions.  We are doing what we can during these crazy ass times, please bare with us.