Happy Snowmobile Eve. Lake Gogebic is started to ice up. We don’t have too much snow on the ground yet, it has been missing us. But anything before December 26 is a pain in the ass. Well except for building up a base. We don’t know what the season is going to bring yet. Hopefully this covid comes to an end quick and we can get back to normal. Whatever normal will be from here on out.

Hard to argue with this old guy’s logic.   
OLD PILOTS WISDOM … I was invited to speak to a high school graduating class!

I talked about staying in school, getting good grades and all that usual bull****; and then I threw it open for questions.

The last one asked was, “Can you give us a couple of your life’s philosophical beliefs?”

I said, “That’s an easy one. Looking back over my lifetime, I’ve spent most of my money on guns, airplanes, fast cars, women and whiskey. The rest I just wasted.”

I was escorted out without getting to finish my last two rules to live by:

1) If it flies, floats, or f—-, it’s cheaper to rent it.

2) If it’s got tits or tires, you’re gonna have problems with it.

I hope they invite me back next year so I can finish
. They need to know this shit !