Funny how the people bitching about getting “their” stimulus checks the most are the biggest freeloaders on society. I was taught that you need to work for the things in life that you want. When I went out and got a loan I paid it back. When I got my check taxes were taken out. When I went into the hospital I paid what my insurance company didn’t. (excuse me for getting a job that had health insurance and not settling on a minimum wage job and expecting the minimum wage to soar to $15 an hour because politicians know how a small business can afford that). Oh and let’s make sure we give the illegals money too so they can sit on their asses. Stimulus checks are not going to solve a thing. The lazy will only get lazier and the working people will have to pay it back. As soon as this is over get your lazy asses to work and pay your taxes so I can keep collecting my social security checks, because I earned what is due to me. If this post extends my social distancing beyond the Corona Virus so be it. The more I am quarantined the more I am finding out I don’t like people. At least the stupid lazy ass ones.